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Black Friday Book Sale

Every year, hundreds of Americans nearly kill one another to get the hottest new products from evil corporate stores in order to save a few bucks. As an act of humanitarian intervention, Paris Lit Up Press is offering all of our independently crafted books online at special Black Friday prices in the hopes of saving some American lives.

For just 24 hours on Friday, November 28th, you will be able to order online the following discounted products:

Paris Lit Up Magazine n°2 – 8 € (-20% discount)
Paris Lit Up eMagazine n°2 – .50 cents (-50% discount)
Paris Lit Up Magazine n°1 – 5 € (-50% discount)
Paris Lit Up Magazine n°1 – FREE

So, please, save yourself the gas and the trouble and give the gift of the written word this holiday season.