PLU Magazine n°3 Launch Party

It’s time to celebrate! Back for the 3rd edition of our annual Paris Lit Up Magazine Launch Party, we’re bringing you a whole day – and a long night – of poetry, art, music, dance, food and fun! Entry is FREE!  Hosted at Paris’ premier alternative space La Petite Maison and in collaboration with the global event 100 Thousand Poets for Change, we’ll be featuring the French post-rock group Aymé along with some barebones rhythm & blues by The Bowling Team and the Celtic harper, singer, songwriter and poet Ken Parsons. With live painting by international artists María Argüelles, Alison Koehler and 36.15, readings and performances by 50+ local and international poets and writers, musicians and dancers, wholesome food and drinks and a new magazine, this will be a night to remember.

*NEW!* We’ll also be premiering a short documentary Allumé about Paris Lit Up shot by American director Sean Simmerly one year ago in Paris!

Doors open at 15h for a whole day of celebrations with tapas, music, poetry, artisanal beer and organic wine available all day. And, of course, we’ll be unveiling the new issue of Paris Lit Up Magazine n°3 at 20h with concerts following late into the evening…. Oh, and bring 10€ for the Magazine!

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La Petite Maison – 8 rue G. Cavaignac, 75011 Paris

La Petite Maison logoLa Petite Maison is a grassroots social center that was squatted in 2014. Since then, they have fought for the rights of artists and community members to have access to spaces for independent artistic expression, non-profit social events and housing rights. Since then they have obtained a provisional agreement with the City of Paris to develop the project and have rapidly become a reference point for the best concerts, art shows and cultural events in the city. With a focus on sharing, community collaboration and accessible prices, this is definitely the place to be.



AyméAymé is a group of hyperactive mass culture overfed musicians, nostalgic of pre-teen love, Cock Robin, Johnny Clegg and Top Gun. Sharing world influences, a love for synthetic textures and pop taste for heroism, they’ve reconciled the collective unconscious of the 80’s and FM car radios to build a puzzle Worldwide music, described as “Lady Di’s funeral on a beach in Rio.” Their first EP Make Up is a preview of the upcoming album, somewhere between Breakfast Club, Peter Gabriel and a pastel sunset.

The Bowling Team

The BowlingTeamFor some reason that even they don’t understand, an American and two Englishmen living in Paris have formed ‘The Bowling Team’, the weird thing is they don’t bowl, instead they play music. They roll raw bare boned rock songs down the alley that talk about love, life, death, hope, forgiveness, sex, politics and all with sardonic cutting humor.

  • On guitar and vocals, the renowned American painter Troy Henriksen, who’s still convinced he’s Arthur Rimbaud with a pencil and a paint brush. He writes songs like his paintings … brute, emotional and imposing.
  • On drums, Lucas Fox, formerly with Motörhead and Warsaw Pakt is convinced he’s ‘mellowed out’ since surviving his crazy days (or so he thinks). Now he’s back on the block pumping out abstract drumming from another world.
  • On bass and guitar, record producer and engineer Steve Forward for some abstract reason decided to get back on stage. After years trying to tell people what to play now he’s got to play it himself as part of  The Bowling Team …and It hurts !

Together, these three friends generate an infective raw energy that comes straight at you from the streets of New York City and London Town … via Paris ! Put on those bowling shoes and strap in tight  …It’s going to be a bumpy flight !

Liv & the Bmoviemonsters

Liv and the BmoviemonstersLiv & the Bmoviemonsters is an electrojazz duo formed in 2015 by Liv Monaghan and Younick Yvenou (Without the Bird, Chucky Nylon). With the b-moviemonsters, Bossa nova meets Minimal house, Swing flirts with New Wave and the synthesizers carry Liv’s warm and moving vocal scats. Classic and avant-guard, traditional and progressive, Liv & the Bmoviemonsters are not to be missed!

Ken ParsonsKen Parsons

Ken Parsons Maestro of the Underground is a Celtic Harper, singer, writer, poet and allround entertainer. He plays many traditional songs, chansons and covers from an extensive and incredibly diverse repertoire, from folk through crooners and pop to gothic punk and comedy songs. His latest Celtic Harp CD was recorded with Paul Rayner Brown (producer for Sarah Brightman and Jools Holland Late) and the Django Reinhardt style gypsy-swing band “The Robin Nolan Trio”, noted for their many shows for George Harrison.


Allumé-posterA short documentary by Sean Simerly

If Hemingway did it, then so can I. Right?
Allumé is a story of illusion, the grandeur of creating within the city walls of Paris, along the banks of the seine. It’s the story of harsh realizations, and warm reconciliations in the packed cafés in the most unsuspecting of neighborhoods in the city of light. Allumé is a story of those lit by the fire of creativity that Paris itself inspires. Harsh realities mingle with scorched demi-tasses of café when those individuals find a community of their own in Belleville, at Paris Lit Up. Follow the footsteps of people who have searched, who have tripped, and who have found their own creative city of light.

Tapas & Pinchos

Img_3762-1024x682Carmen del Campo-Roy, born in Madrid and resident in Paris, launched her dream of cooking a few years ago with My Cooking World. She’ll be providing a wide array of tapas and pinchos (vegetarian and non) throughout the day at rock-bottom prices, including: pinchos with garlic potatoes, pinchos salmorejo (tomato spread, kind of gaspacho but thicker), pinchos escalivada (salad of roasted paprika, onions and eggplant in olive oil), pinchos with blood sausage with almonds and cinnamon, pinchos with chorizo and scrumbled eggs, pinchos with garlic mushroms and sweet potato, pinchos galicianos (potatoes with olive oil and chilli powder), pinchos with eggplant spread and tahini & mint leaves, pinchos with tuna & sweet corn salad.

Marie de Lutz Photography

3_Rez_Poirier_MariedeLutz_IMG_2986-1024x683Maire is a freelance photographer whose works span sociological inquiry, commercial and event photography and portraiture. Introduced to the darkroom at the age of twelve, it is through photography that Marie began to understand the world around her. Developing her practice across years spend conducting research and working in the development sector, she conceives of photography as a catalyst for social dialogue.

Paris Lit Up Magazine n°3

mystery-coverParis’ premier literary revue is back with our third issue. With a special edition foldout cover adorned with artwork by the Spanish talent María Argüelles200 full-color glossy pages filled with poetry, short stories, artwork and photography from the best names in contemporary art and literature, look no further for the finest independent, non-profit publication coming out of the City of Light today. As an added bonus, you’ll also find 16-page special contributions curated by Paris’ best reading series, Ivy Writers Paris and Poets Live. And, If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a surprise special edition of Belleville Park Pages included inside each issue.

Editors: Emily Ruck Keene, Jason Francis Mc Gimsey, Helen Cusack O’Keeffe, Lauren Purlee, Zorro Maplestone

Guest Editors: Jennifer K. Dick (Ivy Writers Paris), Pansy Maurer-Alvarez (Poets Live), Will Cox & James Bird (Belleville Park Pages)

Contributors: Chrissie Alben · Jovan Popov-Albertson · María Argüelles · David Attwooll · Michaël Batalla · Barbara Beck · Rhea Blem · Jacob Bromberg · Laynie Browne · Finola Cahill · Anne Cazaubon · Travis Cebula · Carrie Chappell · David Cooke · Malik Ameer Crumpler · Tony Curtis · Helen Cusack O’Keeffe · Jonathon Danielson · Steve Dalachinsky · Mark Daniels · Sarah Dawson · Dónall Dempsey · Jennifer K Dick · Kelly Dochy · Frank Dullaghan · Elettra Mari · Kerry Featherstone · Kit Fryatt · René Ghosh · Max Goodwin Brown · John Gosslee · Cris Hammond · Sven Hanson-Løve · Dylan Harris · Déborah Heissler · Christine Herzer · John High · Joseph Horgan · Nicholas Karavatos · Dina Khan · Zack Kittaka · Alison Koehler · Anita Olivia Koester · Elliot Koubis · Sarah Larivière · Marie de Lutz · Anni Maarit · Alex Manthei · Gary May · Marcus McCallister · Marion McCready · Jason Francis Mc Gimsey · MEP · Sayena Molaie · James Navé · Jane Ormerod · Eugene Ostashevsky · Yuko Otomo · Lars Palm · Petra Palm · Virginie Poitrasson · Paul Lobo Portugés · Amruta Prabhu · Annie Prossnitz · Lauren Purlee · Dominique Quélen · Marius Presterud · Yann Rousselot · Rosemarie Reyes · Emily Ruck Keene · Seyar · David Sirois · Zoë Skoulding · Hugh Smith · Iana Sophia · Thomas Spencer · Emma Strangwayes-Booth · Tim Suermondt · Kevin Tosca · Tish Valles · Carol Watts Patrick Williamson · Janice Windle · Kirby Wright · P.V. Wolseley · Liz Young · 36.15

100 Thousand Poets for Change

100 Thousand Poets for Change100 Thousand Poets for Change is an annual event that gathers poets and writers all over the world for a day of creative change.This year, individual events to take place simultaneously on September 26th in a demonstration/celebration of poetry, art and music to promote social, environmental, and political change. Hundreds of cities representing over 100 countries have signed up making the 100 TPC global initiative a success through poetry readings, public demonstrations, community picnics, awareness events, parades, concerts, and more!